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The Research on Life and Death

According to a Mayo Clinic study as well as a USA Today investigation; people who experience a cardiac arrest:

  • Have just 6 minutes to live...or die
  • A 1 minute decrease in call-to-shock time increases the odds of survival by 57%
  • A 3 minute reduction in call-to-shock time from 6 to 3 minutes increases survival rate by 4 times

Increase the likelihood of survival from a cardiac arrest today! We can get your community program running in 30 days.


"Prior to meeting ReadyAlert, our "Neighbors Saving Neighbors" lay-person neighborhood CPR/AED program relied on old technology, alpha-numeric pagers. The pagers were activated by our local 911 Dispatch Center for sudden cardiac or respiratory arrest emergencies. We implemented ReadyAlert's system to notify responders via their home line, cell phone, and via text which saved between 20 seconds and 2 minutes in notification time after initiation by the 911 Dispatch Center. That time savings and the increased reliability can make the difference between a neighbor's life or death."

- Lew Simon (Founder of the Neighbors Saving Neighbors program)

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